We have deep experience advising Luxury, Culture and ‘Thought Leader’ brands that seek to change the playing field. Our roster includes Fortune 500 companies, agencies and ambitious not-for-profits.

“LUCID’s analyses have helped us in a meaningful way, driving business decisions that shifted important budget allocations.”

― Karen Sutton, Managing Director SOTHEBY’S

“I have worked with LUCID on three separate occasions while at The Economist Group. They are thoughtful, creative, and very good at challenging assumptions. Always calm under pressure and an absolute pleasure to work with …”

― David Kaye, Chief Revenue Officer THE ECONOMIST GROUP

“LUCID has been an integral part of my teams at the Whitney and LACMA. Across multiple projects, they were great to work with and helped us find innovative solutions to business challenges. Their process incorporating Social Theory provided us with the insights we needed to reimagine very traditional business models. I can rely on LUCID to be thoughtful and imaginative leaders on any project, and they always deliver.”

― Kristen A. Shepherd, Head of Audience Strategy and Services LACMA

“LUCID has helped us present findings in new, more imaginative ways, driving our strategic direction at the highest level.”

― Vice President, Client and Business Development [FASHION BRAND CONFIDENTIAL]

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To sustain their status as one of the most iconic brands in the world, a storied fashion and beauty house quietly ensures their retail service and environments are as luxurious as their products.  Working with their ready-to-wear team, we devised a system that collected and assimilated a massive amount of data that was historically overwhelming to boutiques and transformed it into a single report for each storefront.  The result?  An incisive depiction of current performance and what to do next.  And when the brand underwent a key beauty counter redesign, we helped decode the impact of the renovation as well as unearth the hyper-nuanced and fickle decision-making process of beauty shoppers.

INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT OF UNCERTAINTY Along with subscriptions, The Economist’s advertising revenue is the organization’s economic engine. With requests for multi-million dollar proposals from advertisers due within days, their pace is intense and stakes are high. We worked on-site with their talented team multiple times, helping them re-engineer their proposals as well as think like a nimble creative agency. By establishing a prolific pipeline of ideas, we helped them create a serious competitive advantage and turned proposals into selling machines that won out-sized assignments. Along the way, we launched their Intelligent Life lifestyle magazine in the U.S., attracting first-time-ever luxury advertisers.

ULTRA NUANCED ULTRA LUXURY Mercedes-Benz recently re-launched their historic Maybach brand to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley. The current agency teams were brilliant, but lacked bandwidth and experience marketing to High Net Worth Individuals who could afford the $400,000 vehicle. They asked us to spearhead the launch plan and orchestrate the talents of the advertising, direct marketing, events and digital teams. We were subsequently retained to serve as the strategic lead for the next 8 years. Along the way, we created wildly diverse plans with budgets ranging from $500,000 to $20 million, enticed new aficionados with hyper-local tactics, and educated the dealer network on how to market to a vastly wealthier clientele than they were used to engaging.

PREPARING FOR A SECURE TOMORROW  OneWorld is a sustainable development consultancy headquartered in Cape Town with outsized global influence. Following a history of important projects on the African continent, OneWorld suddenly hit the global stage. It needed an image refresh to reflect its status as a regular advisor to the United Nations and other donor institutions. We worked with OneWorld’s executive team to articulate a vibrant positioning as ambitious as their global assignments. And then we carried this thinking through to a visual and verbal identity to ensure the world would see them for the transformative, forward-thinking force majeure firm they are.

APPRAISING NEW PROFITS Sotheby’s brokers the cultural trappings of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.  The auction house is constantly battling within a rarefied and complicated duopoly for single point gains against Christie’s each auction season.  As their go-to planners for for over a decade, our experience decoding Elite audiences helped cement critical relationships by launching into new categories – like Sotheby’s Diamonds.  And when they decided to court their most valued buyers we worked with them to create their Sotheby’s Preferred loyalty program.  Our research studies on e-commerce and digital platforms shaped how they communicated with clients as they sought new ways to pare expenses in an ever-evolving digital world.

THE ART OF BELONGING When the Whitney Museum of American Art asked for help understanding how to stem member losses, we saw an even bigger opportunity: transform the industry. All museums offer the same rational perks. Yet going to a museum is an emotional experience. We worked with their forward-thinking leadership to field research that uncovered the unmet desires of museum audiences. The insights inspired the creation of a new program where members could tailor their experiences to their emotional expectations. The launch of the Whitney’s Curate Your Own Membership program – which we helped their talented team imagine, test, name and create materials for — earned strong press coverage, won industry awards, and grew membership by 25% within the first 6 months.

UNDERMINING SUPPORT FOR LAND MINES When a friend from the United Nations wanted to create a public service announcement denouncing the proliferation of landmines, we jumped.  Partnering with our colleagues at the creative powerhouse The Brooklyn Brothers and others, our joint team produced two :30 spots and a website.   Together we donated over $1 million in services, launching a campaign that generated considerable PR coverage and won 12 domestic and international awards.